Pasta Lovers!

Artisan Pasta by Aston Lucas Gourmet

Aston Lucas Gourmet’s Artisan Pasta range is our locally made, sustainably sourced, always delicious ready-to-eat pasta meals created right here in Melbourne.

As a family business run by Renzo and Sam, two industry foodies with over 30-years’ experience feeding the good people of Melbourne (the greatest food lovers in Australia!). 


What’s sooo good about the Artisan Pasta range?

We’re locally made

All Artisan Pasta Co products are 100% locally made in our commercial kitchen in Kensington – making our pasta as fresh as can be!

Buying local means you’re supporting small business, local workers and helping to keep our economy alive and vibrant!

We also use 100% Australian made ingredients, supporting local farmers, growers and producers of fine foods.

We’re sustainably sourced

We buy local – Artisan Pasta Co uses locally grown produce which reduces the distance from paddock to plate. Plus less transport means less pollution and a lower carbon footprint.

We buy in bulk which helps the environment by cutting energy required to produce and package ingredients in turn lowering excess packaging re-entering the environment.

We encourage biodiversity by offering a variety of dietary choices. From vegan and gluten free to the traditional meat based recipes, a diverse selection of ingredients encourages complex crop biodiversity.

We’re always delicious

Artisan Pasta is all about the traditional homemade taste. By combining the freshest locally sourced ingredients with Renzo’s traditional family recipes, each Artisan Pasta Co meal keeps that fresh homemade flavour.

We’ve got a taste range to suit just about everyone! From the Italian classics like Traditional Lasagne, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, Gnocchi Bolognese (also in gluten free) and Eggplant Parmigiana to Gnocchi Basil Pesto and Gnocchi Napoli (both available in vegan or gluten free) and our original Vegan Beetroot and Kale Gnocchi, we have a flavour to suit just about everyone.

Really ready-to-eat. Unlike many fresh ready-to-eat products, Artisan Pasta Co meals come with a rich, tasty and moreish sauce lovingly stirred through, making it even easier to heat, serve and enjoy!

So if you’re looking for a locally made, sustainably sourced, always delicious fresh ready-to-eat  pasta, try Artisan Pasta!  Available at all quality independent grocers.